Location. 1758 calle McLeary Condado Puerto Rico

H.. Tuesday - Saturday
13:30 - 17:00

T. 787 723 3206


Charlie Ramirez



The youngest artist represented by Obra Galería, Charlie Ramirez, is self-taught. He works with a variety of media such as painting, sculpture and video.  Born and raised on the Island of Puerto Rico, his love and knowledge of art developed through his upbringing.  Growing up amongst his father’s private collection of Latin American Art,  his parents taught him the importance of art as means of expression and its cultural significance. Strongly influenced by the greats of modern and contemporary art, his semi-abstract paintings convey familiarity through originality.  The fact that he dares to experiment with unorthodox materials and methods is a possible reason for why Ramirez continues to gain momentum within the art world.  He manages to capture the observer with refreshing creations but acknowledges his artistic predecessors while doing so.  The artist’s various series and subject matter demonstrate both his versatility and his consistency with his signature painting technique. Ramirez’s painting is discernible due to his caking of layer upon layer of paint along with incorporating tissue paper and ink on his canvases.  He also experiments with impulsively scraping said layers to reveal the colors underneath in pursuit of texture and form for his figures, reminiscent of Ernst's bold methods of frottage and grattage.  He draws from automatism and constructs his artwork through an absence of conscious thought while creating chance textures.
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